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Henry’s Painting LLC Painting and renovation services

We are the premier choice for painting and exterior projects of all types for Birmingham, AL, and have held that commitment to you since 2010. Henry’s Painting LLC provides professional, attentive and reliable painting services for all of our clients. No matter how big or small your property, of whatever complexities may be involved, we provide nothing less than exceptional service of craftsmanship on each of our jobs.

Residential and Commercial Painting Experts We specialize in both residential and commercial painting, and we can give the interior or exterior of your house a fresh new coat of paint. Our team uses paints from the best brands in the market, and we can paint using any color you can think of. No matter if you have a home, apartment building, condo, storefront or warehouse, our specialists can handle everything you need.

Experienced and affordable residential and commercial paint contractor in Birmingham, AL.

Henry’s Painting LLC is a superior and affordable paint contractor that serves homeowners and businesses in Birmingham, AL. Family owned and operated, we have a very good rating with BBB. Our mission is to provide the highest quality residential and commercial paint in Birmingham, AL at affordable prices. We have made ourselves known throughout the area for the quality of the workforce, the integrity and the constant completion of the project on time and within budget.

Our highly trained and qualified painters always do their best to meet all the needs of our clients. The objective of our company is more than satisfying the customer while maintaining our standards of excellence. We emphasize excellent preparation and high quality materials applied with proven techniques. We do our best to meet any special needs of each of our clients. Our company paints and renews all types of projects: residential, commercial and public indoor and outdoor. We are dedicated to providing our clients with fast, professional and quality painting services. From the basics to advanced techniques, our team knows the right coat of paint for your house and buildings. Simply put, we have what you should look for in a paint contractor. Our hope will make you feel confident in our ability to meet all your expectations and know that it is always our number one approach.